A woman and her shoe
May 7, 2009, 10:39 am
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337460810_4c80fa41faThis weekend I will do something I’ve never done before.  Many women have, but for the first time I will explore the side of my aesthetic self that some women are addicted to and others fear.  More than that, I will let myself explore being watched, being captured on film, being directer by a photographer.   I will do it stripped of an ego but empowered by confidence.  I will be vulnerable and exposed.  The purpose of this photoshoot is to explore women and their relationship to their shoes.  Stripped of distractions, the image will present a relationship between sensuality, practicality and individuality.  It doesn’t have to be so distinctly sexy.  Hopefully the appeal will come through in more subliminal ways.  I’m really excited to explore not only this said concept, but to also be the person representing this with hopeful success.  I’ve never been a model.  I’ve never known how to look entirely effortless in front of a camera.  The challenge of looking graceful and classy while committing to the concept excites me.  h6txg4That I can be a mysterious seductress minus any connotation of vulgarality or permiscuity.  That I can illustrate through one image the power a woman has.  I can only hope I’ll fully represent the ideals of the few words I’ve shared here.  Effortless execution in art is not always as easy, but all I can do is try – be confident, be classy, be sultry, be representative of the power of the relationship between woman and shoe.


the fly butterfly
March 6, 2009, 11:17 pm
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I am in the midst of creating a painting of a butterfly.  Sweet, feminine, yet mysterious and soft.  Butterflies are one of those special things in life that always seem to lead up to a good day…a happy day.  a bright and sunny saturday.  I hope my rendition can perhaps take on a life of its own, a “blossoming” endeavor to say the least?

the tools used...

the tools used...

Just a quick visual of the products needed, it’s always important to appreciate where things come from.


I think I like it so far.  needs more time.

A good preoccupation
December 13, 2008, 9:37 pm
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It’s been a long time since I’ve visited this site, let alone write on it.  I feel as though I’ve let a growing and morphing being out in the cold with little room to grow and be nurtured.  Okay it’s only a blog, but still.  At least it’s safe to say I’ve found other ways of preoccupying myself through creative means – painting.  Yes, I’ve abandoned you for the time being, for oil paints, my easel, and an image of the Andes Mountains.  And damn…it felt good.  img_15841