The Ignorant Bliss and the Intuitive Tango
August 19, 2009, 11:24 am
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Ignorance is bliss.  We’ve all heard this so many times, yet ignorance is not particularly a quality people strive for in order to acheive said bliss.  It’s more grouped with qualities that people don’t want, that people look down upon, or pity.  Yet, it’s reminds me of times in my life when things seemed easy, when the livin’ was good.  Was I just ignorant?  Unaware of what was to come based on the decisions I was making?  Naive to the consequences of my actions?  Sure I was, and I still am “ignorant” to many life lessons and experiences, particularly the ones I have yet to come by in life.   But, on the other end of ignorance is intuition, awareness, consciousness of one’s decisions and the manifestations that this brings.  Englightenment.  Understanding the meaning of what is inside you, how it relates to what is outside you, and what to do about the interactions between the two.  It is a powerful quality to possess, and not necessarilly an easy one to address.  To ignore it, though, would be like ignoring a ticking timebomb; supression can only last for so long before something explodes.  id_ego_superego_by_conskepticalThat said, I can’t help but wonder if life would be better or easier without intuition, with ignorance.  Bliss.  Maybe the consequences of my actions would end up being far more grave, but maybe I would worry far less about the consquences of my actions, and would worry far more about enjoying the moment.  At this point, anyone who’s read this would deduce that one must have a good balance of both, but having the intelligence to be aware of this, thus applying this to real life circumstances, makes it that much harder to choose.  Does one listen to The Intuition, even if it was from a previous experience that may feel convoluted and out-dated now, or does one listen to The Present Moment, the one that could lead to The Mistake, or The Regret.  All in all, the constantly forgotten but ever present reminder is that the future is unpredictable, and no matter what things will fall into place one way or another, painful, happy, or not.  Sometimes I long for simplicity in my outlook on life.  Unfortunately, I’ve been told that my intuition can be my own demise, seemingly leading me to believe that life would be more simple without it.  Whether or not this is true, the balance of what is right and wrong, makes sense and doesn’t, is a dance that is not choreographed.  I just hope to keep up step, and not make too many mistakes along the way…


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