The curry love recipe
May 25, 2009, 8:24 pm
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Yesterday I took an adventure with the goal of purchasing curry paste in mind.  I was introduced to this ingredient through a friend, and have been on a mission to purchase it and cook with it ever since.  Not the most obscure ingredient ever, but still obscure enough to need to venture beyond the corner grocery shop. Chinatown as my destination, with the narrow hilly streets and Chinese signs as my guide, I ended up at Bangkok Center Grocery.  A little Chinese man with a few teeth missing yet the kindest smile offered me help as I stepped into the shop, recommending which curry pastes need coconut milk, which are spiciest, and which work best with bamboo shoots.  A few minutes later, I was purchasing 6 different kinds of curry paste, 3 cans of coconut milk, and some lychee juice for the road.  


Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

Chugging my juice through the short crowded streets, I made my way through Chinatown and up to Little Italy.  People were eating heeping plates spaghetti and meatballs and cheesy, melty lasagna outdoors on an 80 degree clammy day. Nothing could be less appropriate for the climate.  


Lasagna (on a sweaty day)

Lasagna (on a sweaty day)

I finally hopped the subway to Union Sq to go to Trader Joe’s for my final curry dish ingredients.  Italian food would not be part of the equation, purely an interlude.  

The final recipe is

2 peppers – one green, one red

1 container of tofu

Broccoli OR Butternut Squash (depending on what Trader Joe’s has or doesn’t have)

1 can of red curry paste

1/3 can of Coconut milk


What you mix the ingredients in

What you mix the ingredients in



Incorporate all the ingredients in a deep pan, covered, and check back occassionally for your perfect cooking preference….I’d say 8 minutes.  This will serve 1-3 people, depending on how much leftovers you want.  Spicy and satisfying, healthy and hearty.  Fun for all.  

Well that is all for my international journey/obscure errand of the day.  I think I will start to find more obscure errands to run.  They tend to be more fulfilling than the ol’ run to the dry-cleaners.  Less dirty laundry involved.  What should I do next?



A woman and her shoe
May 7, 2009, 10:39 am
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337460810_4c80fa41faThis weekend I will do something I’ve never done before.  Many women have, but for the first time I will explore the side of my aesthetic self that some women are addicted to and others fear.  More than that, I will let myself explore being watched, being captured on film, being directer by a photographer.   I will do it stripped of an ego but empowered by confidence.  I will be vulnerable and exposed.  The purpose of this photoshoot is to explore women and their relationship to their shoes.  Stripped of distractions, the image will present a relationship between sensuality, practicality and individuality.  It doesn’t have to be so distinctly sexy.  Hopefully the appeal will come through in more subliminal ways.  I’m really excited to explore not only this said concept, but to also be the person representing this with hopeful success.  I’ve never been a model.  I’ve never known how to look entirely effortless in front of a camera.  The challenge of looking graceful and classy while committing to the concept excites me.  h6txg4That I can be a mysterious seductress minus any connotation of vulgarality or permiscuity.  That I can illustrate through one image the power a woman has.  I can only hope I’ll fully represent the ideals of the few words I’ve shared here.  Effortless execution in art is not always as easy, but all I can do is try – be confident, be classy, be sultry, be representative of the power of the relationship between woman and shoe.