Identity, ohh Identity.
April 29, 2009, 10:02 am
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So I am really excited this morning because I just signed up for my second improv class, and this one has a performance!  It’s funny how performing creates such different reactions for different people.  It makes some people want to crawl into a cardboard box in the corner, and makes others want to be the shining star that they are.  I think I moreso fall under the latter, especially in this kind of performance art.  I love that there is no script, the interaction with others on stage (with no script), and that once it comes out of your mouth, it will be gone forever buried in the grave of improv performance history.  There is no way to recreate it, as it’s all done on a whim.  So I’m very excited, as I’m now committed to 8 more weeks of fun in improv class, and the final performance which is just going to be a hoot!  Let’s hope.

What I will look like with my improv group...

What I will look like with my improv group...

My new job at MTV is also pretty awesome.  It’s amazing how quickly life can change.  For so long I was working in a corporate hedge fund trying to find my identity in something i couldnt fully identify with, now I am a self-proclaimed comic working at mtv in times square.  Of course there are more identifiable things in life than just ones job, but man does it make a difference when you actually feel drawn and proud of the industry, interests, and goals of the job you spend 10 hours a day at.  Not to say I wasn’t happy in my previous job, I was very much so connected to the people and experience I gained there, but it just feels so good to be in a better fit for myself. 

So, I guess I’m feeling pretty good about things today.  The thing with these posts are they are driven by my mood, and I often tend to write when I am particularly emotional whether in a positive or negative sense.  Today, thankfully, is positive.  And with that, I should probably get back to work…


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I want to know more.

Comment by m-boozi

Nothing makes me happier that knowing that you are happy with your life. You make me proud!

Comment by Carol

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