The year of the Ox
January 28, 2009, 10:25 am
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My new friends come August

My new friends come August

Yikes.  I have not written on here in a LONG time.  I feel like I’m calling back an old friend that’s been trying to contact me for weeks now, and i’ve been ignoring her calls.  What excuse do I have? None, really.  Other than just feeling utterly unmotivated and uninspired to post about anything worth writing or reading about.  So…here I am on my knees, begging for my friend to take me back.  Now, as normal girlfriends do, we “catch up” and “chat” when we haven’t talked in a long time…so…here it goes…

I’m going to China in August!  I had travel inspirations around me, right and left.  My dear friend Catherine is currently in Tanzania climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, filming a documentary of her and a few others journey, in order to create awareness for the safe water project.  My lovely cousin Rachel is living in Syria for the year, studying the language and the culture, and becoming an all around unofficial ambassador for the US/Middle East awareness.  So, with the onset of 2009, and the inspiring people around me, I decided that 2009 should be my year to shine, too (thanks CK).    So, now, I’m going to China.  I’m going for two weeks to Xi’an, to do community work on an orphange with Chinese children.  I’m going by myself, and I’m going to be the most out of my element I have ever been before in my life.  It will be life-changing for me, and hopefully I will have the opportunity to be life-changing for others.  I’m living this New York-centric, egocentric, self-indulgent, fast-paced, EXPENSIVE, corporate-hobo-chic, entertainment-at-my-fingertips, fine-dining, fast-living lifestyle.  And that’s why I want and need to experience the exact opposite, in every sense of the word.  What’s ironic about a trip like this, though, is that I’m going to volunteer.  I’m going to give my time and money to help others, yet something feels so selfish about the whole idea.  Is it just fulfill my self-seeking desire to be a “good” person?  Am I just doing this so I can feel like I’ll be a more well-rounded, respectable, individual?  To some extent, of course.  But even if those are the reasons, I am still going to teach Chinese kids English, to play with and nurture the children without homes, to hopefully bring a smile to their faces, and the ultimate reward, to create a bond with them that will hopefully make their lives a little easier, and a little happier. 

Only time will tell if all of these things come to fruition, but I am beyond excited with what lays ahead.  It definitely helps me get through the daily grind knowing there’s something bigger out there to worry and think about.  And if I could be an inspiration to anyone else, like Catherine and Rachel had been to me, well, then I am one happy camper.   

One last thing – this is the Chinese zodiac year of the Ox, which is my Chinese astrology sign, and I’m going to China this year.  Coincidence?  I think not.


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My dear Col.

coincidence, i think not. what impels us to act does not need to be questioned, it’s what we do. you will feel honored to help, which i know you do already, and one day they will too. i am proud of you.

perhaps the following year we do something eh. it’s been awhile since we have journeyed.


Comment by Ck

You words are an inspiration to us and made us feel so good inside. You will definitely make a positive difference in the lives of those adorable children, as you do in the lives of everyone who meets you.

Comment by Carol

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