Wading in the present sea
December 2, 2008, 11:26 am
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superstock_1166r-3724young-woman-swimming-underwater-in-a-swimming-pool-postersI feel in a bit of a slump today.  I have the blues.  The post thanksgiving, pre christma-hanna-kwanzika, recession-filled, cold tuesday morning blues. 

I think in both respects, life can by so cyclic, that sometimes the predictable feeling of knowing what’s behind you and in front of you can make you feel like you’re wading in a swimming pool of clocks, thinking about the next event while finishing the current one.  Definitely a mixture of the two.  I suppose it breeds productivity which is always a good thing, yet also breeds a feeling of unfulfillment, when you’re constantly waiting for the next hurrah.  Either way, here we are today, doing our tuesday morning routine.  Thinking about lunch (lentil soup today), and planning events for the weekend (seeing friends, sleeping, painting, yoga).  I guess in that sense life ain’t so bad.  Ultimately, I need to not think so much and focus on the pleasures of the present.  For the present only lasts at this moment, and that’s really all we can hold onto anyway. 



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play off an old phish song …i like ittttttt

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o so tru

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