The talk of the town
November 12, 2008, 11:15 am
Filed under: Politics

dark-knightRemember when the one and only topic of mass media consumption was The Dark Knight?  When the only concern was how long you’d be willing to wait in line to see the best movie of all time?  When you’d see it four times to just make sure you caught every amazing moment, over and over again? Not only was it the utmost of obsessive behavior on a personal level, but it reached a national and international level as well.  For one month, curious audiences were held captive by the mystique of this film on screen, and the mystique of this film’s terrible luck off screen.  For one month, you could go up to anyone in the country and the question would be “have you seen it yet?” (And if you hadn’t at the time, you oughta soon).  For one month, Americans were obsessed.  And then, another month came along…people had seen the movie…people had heard the behind-the-scene stories….and BAM! A new focus!  The 2008 election!  We have found a new national trend!  obama4A new topic of discussion!  A new national obsession!  But this time, a race to the finish line of who will be the next president.  Everywhere you went signs line the streets…strangers arguing over who is easier on their taxes…people dressed as presidential candidates on Halloween.  Our country, saturated by this new fascinating commonality, just as much as they were once fascinated by the mystique of The Dark Knight.    So, there seems to be a trend here.  Americans, nation-wide, seem to be interested in the same things for roughly the same amounts of time.  Americans like to have one over-riding topic that the homeless guy in Harlem and the Financier in Mid-town can have an opinion on.  Americans appreciate the bond that is created by this phenomena, and Americans, subconsciously, will continue this pattern in order to get through the hussle and bussle of our everyday lives.  But, after about a month or so, we get bored.  I mean, I’ve been over The Dark Knight for quite some time now, and I’m just about over the whole electrion drama…so what’s next?  What will we all talk about next?  The economy? depressing.  The weather? drab.  I don’t know, soon enough well all know, because it will be the talk of the town….


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