Love trumps all (I hope)
November 7, 2008, 10:38 am
Filed under: Love

african-childrenLast night I was watching CNN, which I’m unhealthily addicted to, and one of those inspiritational yet depressing commercials to donate money to African children with no families came on.  It featured a young boy who had just lost his mother and father, having to raise his 5 younger brothers on his own.  It made my cry.  One tear came down my cheek at the thought of this boy’s life – not feeding himself so he could provide the scarce nutrition needed for his young siblings.  I think we can all look up to a person like this.  But, the focus of this posting is not to dwell on the sadness, nor to sympathize with this boy’s challenges (although most of us do inherently) – rather, the focus of this post is to recognize the pricelessness of certain gifts we recieve in just being alive, no matter how much money you make or food you have.  Love trumps it all, and there is no better feeling in the world.  In the Indian peaks of Mount Abu where 22,000 people live, in the Bible Belt of Batesville Arkansas, in Beijing where the streets are flooded with 17 million people, in the slum cities of Mumbai, in the cramped studio apartments of New York city, and in the poor villages of Ugu, South Africa, couples in love lay together and sleep at night.  Mothers and fathers care for their mothers and father.  Children feed their siblings before themselves.  Deep, strong, unequivocal, unconditional needs for giving and receiving love are everywhere, no matter what race, creed, class, gender, specie. 

Well, that is the message I took from this commercial I watched on CNN last night.  My one tear was a definite tear of sorrow and sympathy for these poor children, but, at least I can have comfort that there is love in this world, and if we could all be so lucky to experience it in our own lives, then that is worth living for in itself.


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