Postpartum depression
November 6, 2008, 11:19 am
Filed under: Politics


I woke up feeling extra cranky this morning.  I realize I’m not alone, though.  Many Americans today are feeling this feeling.  A feeling of emptiness, of impatience, of “what if?”.   What is the source?  Well, I think it can best be coined “postpartum-campaign depression 2008”.  For months and months we observed the Obama vs. McCain media frenzy.  For months and months, we tuned in nightly to CNN to see which news correspondent could yell the loudest about their passionate political beliefs.  For months and months, we discussed, disputed, and even despised, the growth and possibility of our future.  And then, all in one moment, one instant, our four-year fate has been determined.  Barack Obama – our baby is born!  And now, here we are today…two days after the president elect has been decided, and what do i feel?  Sadness.  Who will yell loudest on CNN?  What will I talk about with my friends?  Will Sarah Palin just fade into the darkness of Alaska?  Now is not the time to think “what if?” Now is the time to let go.  Let Obama lead the way.  Let Obama grow into the president we all hope he can be.  But for now, I will sit in a dark room, and look down at my empty womb, and try to believe, that we made the right decision.


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